What is Delims?

Delims is a service for issuing virtual cards for payment on services. With the Delims service, you can instantly issue a virtual prepaid Mastercard and manage it in your personal account. These cards provide users with a convenient, anonymous, and secure way to conduct online transactions without the need to open a bank account. An excellent solution for those who value the confidentiality of their personal data.

What is a virtual prepaid card?

A virtual prepaid card is a payment card of the Mastercard system, which is delivered in electronic form, i.e. without issuing a physical card with the amount of your choice in the account equivalent to US dollars. Card currency - Kazakhstan tenge.

You are provided with the card number, expiration date and CVV/CVC code. With the help of this data you will be able to pay in foreign online stores and services

How long will this card last?
Virtual prepaid card is valid for 6 months from the date of issue
What is the currency of the card - tenge?

Our cards are issued by the leading bank of Kazakhstan. By law, prepaid cards can only be issued in the national currency. The national currency of Kazakhstan is the tenge. Therefore, our cards are issued in the tenge currency. This does not affect the payment for goods and services in any way, and we precisely convert the currency so that you have no difficulties with payment.

To avoid exchange rate fluctuations, we recommend using the card on the day it is issued.

How can I purchase the card?
You can purchase prepaid virtual cards with your bank card, including cards issued in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia
What card top-up amounts are available for purchase?
A card is available for purchase with any amount ranging from 2,000 tenge (~4.33 $) to 200,000 tenge (~433 $).
Do I need to identify a person?
A confirmed phone number is required to issue a prepaid virtual card. Additional documents may be requested for KYC verification
How long does it take to issue a card?

1 minute - that's how long it will take you to issue a card. We issue the card automatically as soon as the payment system confirms your payment.

Can I top up the card?
No, this card cannot be topped up, but you can purchase a new one with a larger amount on your account
I have funds left on the card after purchase, what will happen to them?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return the remaining funds on the card, so we recommend calculating the exact amount of the card. For this, we have created an accurate currency converter that allows you to calculate the amount of the card needed to pay for goods and/or services.

Recommendations for paying with the card
  • For payment of goods and services, use a Kazakhstan region VPN, such as hidemy.name (it offers 7 days for free)

  • Specify Kazakhstan as the billing address

  • We recommend using an email address in a domain other than ".ru", for example, gmail.com

  • Make sure the account region matches the card region (i.e., Kazakhstan). If it's not possible to change the country, create a new account in the required region.

What are your working hours?

Our service operates around the clock and issues cards automatically.

Support is available from 9 to 18 Moscow time or from 12 to 21 Astana time, but you can always write in the chat, and the first operator to come on shift will respond to you.

Will I have access to a bank account?

Our virtual cards are an anonymous means of payment, and a client's bank account is not opened when issuing this card. As a result, no documents are required to issue this card, and there is no linkage to your identity.

Due to the specific nature of this card, you will not have access to a bank account, but you can request authorization data or transaction information through support.

Why does your exchange rate differ from the Central Bank's?

The Central Bank's exchange rate is set a day in advance and is used for tax reporting. We use the bank's exchange rate when calculating the card's amount, as the conversion occurs at the issuer bank's rate when funds are debited from the card.